Maintenance Service

Taiwan Area

Chuh Chin head office technician maintenance.

China Area

Kunshan Guoxiong contact to every local resell to maintenance customer.

Customer benefit

Improve production efficiency.

Ensure machine well arranged.

Improve the machine use flexibility

Oversea Area

Oversea maintenance service, our technician will contact oversea customer to know machine issue immediate after contact our local agent arrange technician maintain local customer.

Customer benefit

Ensure machine well arranged.

Easy to know the machine status.

Improve production efficiency.

Save cost of machine.

Through Remot

Remote control detection service take charge by our Taiwan technician, customer need cooperate with our local agent technician carry the detection equipment to remote control of detection.

Customer benefit

Save time of traffic.

Addressing the problem immediately.

Reduce maintenance cost and machine downtime.

Improve the maintenance efficiency.